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How to Update/Change your Aadhar Details?

Unique Identification Authority of India has been receiving many complaints regarding wrong details being printed on their aadhaar cards. UIDAI has made a decision which will allow people to change incorrect details that are printed on their aadhaar cards. If you have any of the details on your aadhaar which are not correct you can get them changed very easily. Date of Birth, Residence address, name and gender, your contact number or any other information which is present in your aadhaar card can be easily changed if it’s incorrect. The procedure of changing details is very easy.
You get two options through which you can change your details. Online method and Offline method. You can update your details through the aadhaar website in online method by following a couple of steps. Other than the online method, you can also use offline method, in which you can use send your corrected details to the UIDAI enrolment centers across the country using the postal service.
Visit the following links depending upon your process to update your aadhaar card details.
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